Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Today is my catch up day! I've been sooo busy since school started i've had absolutely no time to blog. Today I took my written test in core. I made a 94. Tomorrow is my first cut on a person, a mens cut, and the day after that is my practical test. Friday I have an interview with Sam and Saturday is my last day of core, the high heel marathon and we're going to the comedy club.
I've cut my hours at the hotel back, but i still work on sunday and monday, the two days i don't have school. and i've been working out hard, everyday. I've lost weight too! I bought new pants saturday and they are two sizes smaller than the last pair of pants i bought back before school started in Feb.
I still curate my team bnr too and our teams have grown alot the last couple months. But I'll Blog about that on My X Factor blog later.

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