Sunday, March 4, 2012


I did it! I finally made good on my word to Tabitha and my word to Boo Bear and I bought his handmade Doggie cupcakes from this shop here:
I cant wait to get them. he's going to love them!It's going to make his little doggie day!
I've been super busy. Last week was texture week in core. we rolled perms and went over relaxers. Needless to say, I wont be getting my hair relaxed, much to my dismay.why can't breaking down the basic structure of your hair then reforming those bonds with chemicals ever be good for it? why is my hair so curly? why can't i have plain straight hair?
Next week is color week! I love color already. I was good at rolling perms but I LOVE COLOR. So i'm excited about that. I've made a friend or two and I've been working out alot. Between school, working out and trying to keep up with etsy I have no spare time that i don't spend on like survival stuff i.e sleeping, eating and bathing.
I havent shed a tear over daniel at all this month. And today I was almost trying to, I opened the heart shaped box I put my wedding bands and engagement ring into looked at all the jewelry he ever gave me and didn't shed a single tear. I'm going to call my lawyer tomorrow.I need to be made of steel to move forward on this divorce thing.I'm not yet, but I will be very very soon.
I'm getting to the point now where I Really do not ever want this to happen again. I could be content to never love again

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