Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thor's Day

I Love Thursdays! And on this particular Thursday I sure did get a lot done. I opened the bnr at 8 am and started training a new curator. We kept the bnr open all morning and then I went and took a tour of the xcell school in hoover. I smiled the whole time I was there. It took about an hour and I had really made up my mind about attending school there but i drove past Virgina College in Homewood.
Then I went to the Y in Greystone and joined the Y! So I can swim and work out even when it rains!
After that I came home and made Pork Chops and barely managed to open my bnr at 7pm. We had three sales. And i filled out my Fafsa forms. Now it's bath time! I'm so tired and so happy!

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